What is Barteos

What is barteos

Barteos is a ‘plug and play’ growth solution empowering businesses to boost in-venue traffic using smart technology to understand, gain and retain customers with our rewards-based mobile payment network.

Customers will be able to find great stores like yours, pay instantly with a single tap on your EFTPOS machine and earn BE Dollars (our dollar value network currency). BE Dollars can be saved up, spent at any business in our network or passed on to a nominated charity. We reward your customers to keep shopping and give them the opportunity to do good with their savings. It’s a system that brings in new customers and keeps them coming back for more.

  • Shop with other merchants
  • Save or invest
  • Transfer to any wallet holder
  • Convert it to cash
  • Create wealth with the internet of money

Barteos Merchant benefits

  • Attract new and loyal customers to your business at no cost
  • Eliminate Visa, Mastercard and all bank charges altogether
  • Reward your customers without any cost to your business
  • Reduce your business expenses
  • Promote and market your business better than ever before
  • Leverage technology to improve your business
  • Protect your business from the next Global Financial Crisis

Barteos grows by rewarding buyers & sellers

  • Merchants receive AUD$ 1,000 AUD in Barteos digital spending cash on joining
  • Businesses promote using Barteos to their customers
  • Customers receive a free account up to AUD$100 in Barteos plus 5% cash back whenever they shop
  • Members referring their family and friends are also rewarded
  • The referrer and the referee both receive AUD$50 in Barteos

Join to attract more loyal customers & receive $1,000 worth of digital cash.