What is Barteos

What is barteos

Barteos (“BE-DOLLARS”) is a new Australian digital currency that is globally connected, yet governed locally by BTE AUSTRALIA, being a Not-for-Profit Barter Exchange entity, acting for the benefit of its Business Members.


There are millions of businesses around the world that are trading in Barter, either by organised exchange businesses or on their own. However, the high cost of operating a centrally controlled barter exchange with huge labour costs passed onto business owners is about to disappear.  Eliminating transaction fees of up to 15% will make using the digital Barteos, the most attractive way for the exchange of goods and services. 


Barteos is creating a new Digital Transformation of Barter into the 21st century, offering a secure de-centralised, autonomous system that has no infrustructure costs or human resource expenses found in traditional Barter or Payment gateway businesses. 

This allows businesses and consumers to trade with each other FEE-FREE* and also allows business in Australia to trade without paying any visa, mastercard or bank charges. 


Opening an Account with Barteos is easy and there are NO MONTHLY ACCOUNT FEES charged by Banks and Barter exchanges. The humanless automated technology used, makes Barteos a, truly forever, FEE-FREE system. 


The best part is that by becoming a Barteos Business Member, you can take advantage and offer your customers a 5% Cashback on their purchases without it affecting your bottom line. This is available to help accelerate the Barteos usage in Australia during in initial phase of establishment. By being one of the first businesses to accept Barteos, you will also have a competitive advantage as its usage grows.

As a Member of the Barteos Club Network, you can list your business on the online Barteos DIRECTORY and new or old customers will be able to find great businesses like yours, pay instantly with a simple scan from your APP and earn 5% CASHBACK or more, FEE-FREE.


BE Dollars can be saved up, spent at any business in our network, passed on to a nominated charity, or converted to its open market state (BTE). We reward your customers to keep shopping and give them the opportunity to do good with their savings. It’s a system that brings in new customers and keeps them coming back for more.



  • Shop with other merchants
  • Save or invest
  • Transfer to any wallet holder
  • Create wealth with the internet of money

Barteos Merchant benefits

  • Attract new and loyal customers to your business at no cost
  • Eliminate Visa, Mastercard and all bank charges altogether
  • Reward your customers without any cost to your business
  • Reduce your business expenses
  • Promote and market your business better than ever before
  • Leverage technology to improve your business
  • Protect your business from the next Global Financial Crisis

Barteos grows by rewarding buyers & sellers

  • Merchants receive AUD$ 1,000 AUD in Barteos digital spending cash on joining
  • Businesses promote using Barteos to their customers
  • Your Customers receive a free account up to AUD$100 in Barteos plus 5% cash back whenever they shop
  • Members referring their family and friends are also rewarded
  • The referrer and the referee both receive AUD$50 in Barteos

Join to attract more loyal customers & receive $1,000 worth of digital cash.